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Have you always been attracted to natural remedies and want to learn more? Even just entering a herbalist’s shop fascinates and relaxes you? Then this book is just for you, who may not have had the opportunity to study these topics, but feel they are close to you.

I will accompany you in a simple way on the herbal path, giving you those notions and information that can really translate as useful and effective in everyday life. You will understand the meaning of some terms that you usually hear, but overlook because you dare not ask for explanations. You will find a brief description of the properties of 200 herbs, plus a whole chapter dedicated to a plant that changed my life: Aloe vera. Finally, you will discover the importance of regular cleansing, which remedies to choose for intestinal disorders and the special herbal teas my mother taught me.

Start this journey with me, the plants deserve our full attention.


Barbara Garbarino, a natural remedies enthusiast since 1992, ran the family herbalist shop in Piedmont for 22 years, receiving much of her knowledge of medicinal plants from her her herbalist mother.

Over the years, she has never stopped attending refresher courses in phytotherapy, nutrition and cosmetics, driven by her curiosity to discover the wonderful and infinite potential of herbs. Since 2009, she has been an important reference for Kirei, a company of food supplements, natural and organic cosmetics, where she is in charge of product formulation and consultant training. The desire to undertake new experiences led her to live abroad, where she continues her mission: to make people more aware of natural remedies.

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AUTHOR: Barbara Garbarino

PUBLISHER: Arduino Sacco Publisher

Flexible cover

Number of pages: 201