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Flacone da 60 ml

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Excellent herbal remedy for minor emergencies!

HERO is a concentrate of natural extracts that, thanks to its immediate efficacy, makes it possible to combat minor daily ailments in a natural way, simply by applying it directly on the spot where the ailment occurs.

The formulation contains extracts of Arnica, Devil’s Claw and Camphor, highly valued for their natural anti-inflammatory qualities, and extracts of Menthol, Organic Rosemary and Sage that aid analgesic and balsamic activity.

Fresh extracts of Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Olive Oil and Chamomile help soothe any skin irritations and leave the skin soft and velvety.


The skilful combination and high concentration of natural and organic active ingredients results in a very intense localised hot/cold action on the skin, creating an immediate sensation of natural wellbeing and lightness on the skin.

Excellent as a soother to counter skin irritation and itching after an insect bite.

HERO’s strengths are its ease of use, naturalness and speed of action – it only takes a few seconds to appreciate the powerful action of its natural active ingredients.


Hero is not a medicinal product, but is a natural cosmetic product for external use that, thanks to the qualities of its natural extracts, helps to improve everyday ailments, thus becoming an indispensable natural wellness tool for the whole family.





To enable the effective action of HERO to be fully appreciated, its container is equipped with a ROLL ON nozzle that makes its use practical and immediate.

Simply apply the roll-on directly on the part of the body to be treated and make a circular movement with the sphere for about 1 minute; complete the treatment with a light hand massage until the product is completely absorbed.

In the case of more persistent problems, we recommend using a few drops of REI OIL at the same time.