KireiKare is a charity initiative that aims to raise funds to be donated to non-profit associations..
Each year, associations will be selected to which we will donate the funds raised through the generosity of our customers, distributors and kirei’s direct contribution.

In the ideas of the founding partners Massimo Fioriello, Tullio Lanfranchi and Barbara Garbarino which led to the birth of Kirei, there has always been a very strong component of helping others, in various forms, such as helping people take care of their bodies with natural remedies, offering a business opportunity, and thanks to the KireiKare project helping the neediest people.

Kirei is not just a company: it is a new lifestyle, more natural, more respectful of one’s body, one’s neighbour and the planet.

You too become a protagonist with KireiKare
and leave your generous contribution (€ 0.50 or € 1.00 and multiples) when placing an order
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For 2023, Kirei has chosen to donate the funds collected by 31 December 2023 to two associations: FILO TESO and CUORE D'AFRICA.

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The Filo Teso Association pursues social solidarity aims

. It wants to be a point of reference for women with breast cancer through information, support, events and research.

Filo teso (taut thread) is an association born in 2021 from an idea wanted by some women who had undergone breast surgery by Prof. Massimo Vergine (breast surgeon) and Prof. Diego Ribuffo (plastic surgeon) of the Breast Unit of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.

It was born from the experiences of breast-operated women who, with great difficulty, faced their journey, and who, animated by a spirit of solidarity, became volunteers to help so many other women overcome the critical moments of the disease.

The main objectives are:

  • Supporting women affected by breast cancer through health, psychological and social assistance initiatives
  • promote breast cancer prevention activities.
  • run training and volunteer orientation courses.
  • organise themed events and conferences
  • working in collaboration with institutions that can support and help the mission.
  • provide pre- and post-operative medical counselling through the support of physicians belonging to the specialist disciplines related to senology.
  • providing advice on dealing with bureaucratic and legal issues related to breast pathology
  • organise recreational, sporting and socially committed activities, also through agreements with clubs and sports associations
  • organise all those activities aimed at restoring the psycho-physical well-being of women who have undergone breast surgery and at fostering contact between members and their reintegration into working life.
  • convention agreements for members with rehabilitation physiotherapy centres, gyms and swimming pools and organising gymnastics, yoga, sports dance and all those recreational and leisure activities to promote socialisation.

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The Cuore d’Africa Onlus Association provides assistance to disadvantaged children and young people in Machakos, Kenya, through long-distance adoptions and the construction of an orphanage to house them.

Long-distance adoptions make it possible to finance the school fees for primary and secondary school children. The amount that the adopting parents pay is also used to buy clothes and school supplies and covers medical and health expenses. The commitment required is medium to long-term, depending on the age of the child being adopted.

The peculiarity of our association consists in the absence of costs for administration and services. In fact, the contribution of our members is not limited to monetary donations: we have many volunteers who devote their time to carry out those activities that they usually perform as private individuals, and who have decided to lend their time free of charge for Cuore d’Africa. The collaborations are of various kinds: tax and legal assistance, dissemination of news in the media and social forums, printing of information material, room and kitchen services for charity dinners, and more.

The orphanage is part of a larger project, called ‘Village of Hope – Children’s Home’, and consists of the construction of two separate buildings (men’s and women’s dormitory) to accommodate local orphans or children who are victims of family abuse. The construction of ancillary service buildings and the use of part of the land for crops are also planned. The primary objective is to provide a home for particularly disadvantaged children in order to give them easier access to education. In the long term, we also hope that the entire facility will be able to self-finance itself (in whole or in part) with the proceeds from the sales of what will be cultivated in the gardens.

To best achieve our goals, we collaborate with the Heart Of Children Foundation, a non-governmental organisation based in Machakos, of which our president is the deputy treasurer. This foundation works in the same social field as we do, which is why we chose it as our partner, asking it for support in finding children for adoption and distributing the aid to the local community.