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Did you know that 50% of people suffer from intestinal disorders?

They include abdominal bloating, painful spasms, episodes of constipation alternating with diarrhoea, aerophagia and colitis.

In normal situations, digestive activity takes place in a ‘silent’ progression. When the intestine ‘makes itself heard’, it manifests discomfort.


To restore intestinal physiological conditions, it is necessary:

– reduce fermentation and gas production;

– alleviate muscle spasms;

– protect the intestinal mucosa from the development of inflammatory processes;

– promote the balance of intestinal flora and counteract dysbiosis.


Discover the KIREI GONFIA BELLY KIT to help the body with abdominal bloating.


COMPOSITION – 2 pcs Aloe vera Juice and Pulp – 2 pcs Sgonfy Fluid – 1 pc KiFlor

– 1 pc Bottle


SGONFY FLUID: 25 ml in water after lunch and 25 ml in water after dinner. . ALOE VERA JUICE AND PULP: 25 ml (1 cap) in the morning on an empty stomach and 25 ml (1 cap) in the evening. . KIFLOR: 2-3 capsules a day, preferably after meals. This kit lasts approximately 20 days. For more complete action, it can be repeated.

If you are going through a particularly nervous period, a combination with KiStress (2-3 capsules per day) may be useful.

 The above applications are in no case of a prescriptive or therapeutic nature.  Always consult your doctor in advance in the event of illness or sickness.

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