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60 gr

60 g STICK


Ideal for sensitive skin, Rock Alum in practical stick format is the natural answer to bad odour and excessive perspiration.

Fragrance-free, it normalises perspiration and refreshes the skin while respecting its natural physiological components. It also enables the elimination of toxins as it allows natural skin perspiration.

The term ‘Rock alum’ comes from the place where the ancient Greeks mined this precious mineral: Rochka.

The Greeks and Romans were very familiar with the properties of this precious salt and used it not only as a deodorant, but also for its astringenthealinghaemostaticsoothing and antibacterial properties, which is why it can still be recommended today for:

  • reduce foot perspiration;
  • alleviate itching caused by insect bites;
  • soothe post-shaving irritation;
  • contain cold sores;
  • disinfect a pimple;
  • counter folliculitis.

Deo Stick Puro Kirei is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

Neutral and unscented.

  • 24h Antiodorant
  • Natural antibacterial
  • Allergen-free
  • Doesn’t stain and doesn’t leave halos
  • Nickel Tested
  • Free of parabens, dyes and preservatives







The stick should ALWAYS be slightly moistened before use, after which it should be passed under the armpits, under the soles of the feet or on the affected area.