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Flacone da 250 ml

250ml BOTTLE




For moisturised, soft and supple skin every day!


Kirei Body Cream has an emollient and protective action, giving the skin the nourishment it needs to remain toned and healthy.


Ideal for the whole body, it can be used at any time of day, restoring the skin’s natural hydro-lipid film. The texture is pleasant on the skin, absorbs perfectly without greasiness and diffuses a very delicate perfume.


The extraordinary decongestant properties of fresh aloe vera extract, combined with the presence of olive oil, make this cream suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


It also contains ApricotWheat Germ and Sweet Almond Oil, valuable sources of vitamin E, which is essential for restoring softness and elasticity to the epidermis, preventing skin slackening and stretch marks.



Of interest is the content of dog rose, a source of vitamin C, which gives an important antioxidant action.


An excellent treatment to protect the skin from climatic changes: applied regularly, it will provide hydration and immediate relief.

Ideal for the whole family!


Aloe vera, sweet almonds, olive, apricot and wheat germ are organically cultivated.


Paraben- and petrolatum-free.


Dermatologically tested.




Apply with a broad, light massage all over the body until completely absorbed.

Ideal after the daily bath or shower ritual and whenever the skin requires nourishment and hydration.