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DEPURY - Fluido concentrato

500 ml BOTTLE

Bad breath? Difficulty digesting? Frequent headaches and drowsiness after meals? Impure skin? Your body is signalling an overload for your liver due to a build-up of toxins that need to be eliminated.

Depury is a purifying and detoxifying fluid concentrate from Kirei, very useful for improving the function of the liver and other excretory organs.


It contains a blend of plant extracts effective in promoting good body cleansing and stimulating an effective draining action:

● Dandelion, also known as dandelion, stimulates bile secretions and has a profound detoxifying, diuretic and liver-protective action;

● Burdock is depurative, hypoglycaemic and cholesterol-lowering; a dermopathic plant par excellence, it helps solve many skin problems;


●Olive helps metabolism of lipids and sugars, regulates blood pressure and is diuretic and depurative;


● Turmeric is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory;


● Nettle is depurative, diuretic, hypoglycaemic, anti-inflammatory, remineralising.


● Anise is anti-fermentative, antispasmodic, aids digestion and counteracts abdominal bloating.

Depury is also very useful before starting a slimming diet or as an adjuvant, because it promotes deep organic purification that stimulates drainage, an essential activity for improving metabolism.


It is sweetened with stevia leaf extract: steviol glycosides have a very high sweetening power without raising the glycaemic index, and they are also completely acaloric.

The special feature of Kirei’s concentrated fluids is the method of extracting the active ingredients, using only water as a solvent.

Contains no alcohol, gluten, lactose.

Suitable for Vegans.


Possible side effects or interactions: in the event of impaired liver function or gallstones, use of the product is not recommended due to the presence of Curcuma. If you are taking medication, you should seek medical advice.



● Synergy of phytocomplexes of selected medicinal plants

● Processing directly from the plants

● Total absence of alcohol

● Use of stevia extract as an acaloric sweetener that does not raise the glycaemic index

● Product convenience: instant herbal tea ready to dilute



We recommend taking 1 scoop (20 ml) diluted in a glass of water (200 ml), 2 – 3 times a day, after meals.

Or 2 scoops in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

Kirei Fluid Concentrates can be mixed together, as they work very well in synergy, the important thing is not to exceed the total daily dose of 4 scoops.


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Made in italy.