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Are you always tired and feeling the first symptoms of flu? Do you often suffer from a sore throat? Do colds and coughs torment you?

Strengthen your immune system with Kirei’s Defendy, a fluid concentrate of plant extracts to support the immune system, for the wellbeing of the respiratory tract and to support the body’s balance.


A unique herbal preparation combining the immunomodulating action of Reishi and Agaricus mushrooms with the immunostimulating action of Echinacea and Astragalus, complemented by the adaptogenic activity of Withania.


  • Echinacea boosts the body’s defences and stimulates the immune system against infectious attacks, prevents flu and colds.
  • Astragalus roots are prebiotic, increase the growth of bacterial flora and exert important anti-inflammatory activity.
  • The Reishi mushroom or Ganoderma lucidum is considered by the Orientals to be the herb of immortality and the elixir of life: immunomodulating and immunostimulating, it acts favourably on the body’s natural defence functions and counteracts allergic reactions. It is recommended in periods of immune overload and insufficiency.
  • Agaricus is a medicinal mushroom containing the highest concentrations of β-glucans that act as modulators of the immune response, it is also antioxidant.
  • Angelica, thanks to its spasmolytic action, counteracts the nervous origins of the disorder.
  • Withania has adaptogenic properties, i.e. it is able to increase the body’s resistance to stressful conditions and also has interesting anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.


Defendy protects you naturally against the ailments of the colder seasons, prevents colds and shortens convalescence time, and helps support your body at any time of year, especially when you are feeling particularly tired and stressed.

Also recommended for those suffering from recurring herpes and Candida.


Defendy is sweetened with stevia leaf extract: steviol glycosides have a very high sweetening power without raising the glycaemic index, and they are also completely acaloric.


The special feature of Kirei’s concentrated fluids is the method of extracting the active ingredients, using only water as a solvent.


Contains no alcohol, gluten or lactose.


Suitable for Vegans.


Applications described in the literature and traditional uses.


The above applications are in no case of a prescriptive or therapeutic nature.


Always consult your doctor in advance in the event of illness or sickness.



    • At the most critical times, when flu-like illnesses or colds occur, it is recommended to take one scoop (30 ml) diluted in a glass of water (200 ml) twice a day.
    • To support the defences and boost the immune system’s response, we recommend taking one scoop (30 ml) diluted in a glass of water (200 ml) 1-2 times a day, for 15-day cycles. Ideally, alternate 15 days of intake with 15 days off, from September to March.


    Due to the presence of the Agaricus fungus and the Reishi fungus, due to insufficient data available, medical advice should be sought for administration to children under 12 years of age (in which case the recommended dosage is 10 ml diluted in water or juice, 1-2 times daily).


    Kirei Fluid Concentrates can be mixed together, as they work very well in synergy, the important thing is not to exceed the total daily dose of 4 scoops.


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